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Introduction for the Insulating Glass Production Line Machine


Insulating glass production line machines are used to manufacture double or triple glazed windows with enhanced insulation properties. The production line typically includes machines for edge deletion, glass washing, gas filling, and sealing of the glass units. The process involves sandwiching a layer of gas or air between two or more glass, which helps to reduce heat transfer and noise transmission. Some common machines used in insulating glass production lines include insulating glass machine, butyl coating machine, spacer bar bending machines, molecular sieve filling machines, automatic sealing robots.

Insulating Glass Machine: This machine is composed of glass loading part, glass washing part, glass cleanliness checking part, aluminum spacer assembly part, glasses pressing part, glass unloading part, the glass washing part used to clean and dry the glass before it is assembled into an insulated glass unit. A typical glass washing machine includes brushes, spray nozzles, and air knives for cleaning the glass surface and removing any impurities.

Spacer Bar Bending Machine: The spacer bar is a critical component of the insulating glass unit that separates the glass panes and holds them in place. A spacer bar bending machine is used to shape the spacer bar into the required size and shape according to the dimensions of the glass panes.

Molecular Sieve Filling Machine: The molecular sieve is used to absorb any moisture and prevent fogging between the glass panels. The filling machine injects the molecular sieve material into the spacer bar channels through tiny holes.

Automatic Sealing Robot: This machine applies the sealant between the glass panes to provide a hermetic seal that prevents air or moisture from entering the space between the panes. 

These machines work together to create a high-performance insulated glass unit that provides superior insulation and soundproofing capabilities..

Post time: Apr-21-2023