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Matters need attention when selecting insulating glass production line

For many new investors, joining the insulating glass equipment is to see the huge potential and development prospects of the industry. However, new investors are not familiar with the industry, so their choice of insulating glass equipment still needs careful consideration. In this regard, we will learn about the insulating glass equipment investment should pay attention to

main points:

First, in any case, investors need to understand that the size of the equipment of insulating glass production line is different at present, which includes large production line, medium-sized production line and small production line. The production line of large insulating glass equipment includes butyl coating machine, aluminum profile bending machine, glass edging machine, automatic sealing machine for cleaning and molecular sieve filling machine. The medium-sized production line includes cleaning and sheet, butyl  coating machine, rotary table, glass edging machine and two-component gluing machine. Small production line only includes insulating glass cleaning and laminating machine and butyl  coating machine. The cost input of these different production lines is different, which requires investors to choose the right production line according to their own capital.


Secondly, after the investors have determined the production line size they choose, the next job is to choose reliable equipment. The requirement of production line operation is to ensure its reliability, ensure that each component link and parts are connected with the previous process smoothly, so that the whole team can not stop operation due to problems in a certain link. In this regard, the components used by hollow glass equipment should be configured high, and the system should be stable, especially the key parts should be domestic high-quality brand products or imported brands.


About the selection of hollow glass equipment, we can refer to these elements after daily selection, so as to choose the appropriate equipment, which is convenient and better to use.

Post time: Apr-14-2021