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How a Laminating Furnace Works?

The products of the lamination furnace series include laminated glass equipment, wired glass equipment, glass loading table, tempered glass lamination furnace, dry process glass equipment, dimming glass equipment, EVA lamination furnace, etc. It’s a further processing for original glass.

The principle of laminating furnace: the principle of air vacuum negative pressure, in a high temperature environment, the EVA film is completely melted, and the color film, paper, photo paper, photo materials, cloth art, inkjet cloth, glass and glass are closely fused together. As a result, tempered glass, architectural laminated glass, wired glass, bulletproof glass, crystal photo glass, LED glass, etc. are produced. Laminated glass is widely used in today’s market, construction, building materials, and home interior and exterior decoration.



Our CBS lamination machine’s features:

1.The operation is convenient, the cylinder is automatically pressed and sealed, and the yield is high.

2.304 stainless steel constant temperature heating method, circulating air heating method, heat balance.

3.Intelligent automatic temperature control system with small temperature difference

4.It is composed of a variety of high-quality materials, with reasonable design and small footprint.

5.Humanized design, automatic alarm and power-off function

6.High temperature resistant, high tear resistant silicone sheet, durable.

7.Save time, labor and electricity.

Post time: Jun-23-2022