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Glass Straight Line Polishing/Edging Machine Advantages

Glass straight line polishing machine is popular used now, the following is an introduction to the advantages of the glass polishing/edging machine.

1.The glass edging machine has the advantages of leading structure, automatic clamping, high accuracy and high working efficiency in the glass processing fields. It can be used for deep edging of glass products such as glass coffee tables and frame-less doors, and is widely used in various furniture factories.

2.Generally, the glass edging machine is suitable for different sizes and thicknesses glasses for grinding, bevel and polishing the edge of flat glass.The rough edge, fine grinding, polishing, bottom edge and other processes are completed at one time, and the glass surface after grinding can reach a mirror finish; The speed can be adjusted, the speed is changeable, and the feeding speed can be adjusted arbitrarily during the grinding process; Different glasses thickness can be processed by changing the front beam.

3.With manual and automatic operation, a variety of models are available, and the grinding head can be combined in a variety of forms, which can make the glass present different shapes and appearances.


Post time: May-11-2022